Why Britain Hates Men - Exposing Feminism

‘Brave. You say what the rest of us only dare think...’



"If we have a Minister for Women, why isn’t there a Minister for Men?"

"Why are women still treated as a ‘minority group’ and given special privileges and policy-favouritism?"

"If we have Women’s Officers, Women’s Units, Women’s Sections... then why are there none for men? Do men not have problems, issues and rights?"

Why Britain Hates Men shows how Feminism blames and demonizes men and how it is responsible for the widespread cultural, legal and institutional discrimination facing men and boys today. It is unashamedly controversial. Many will say ‘at last!’ Others will be wary; others still will be very uncomfortable with its honesty and insights. For liberal-progressives it will seriously damage their prejudices. Yet for some there will be a ‘click’ effect - a sudden realization confirming their own experiences and observations regarding the balance of power between men and women (Feminists) in today’s Britain.

Why Britain Hates Men is unique; it is the only book in Britain today that exposes what Feminism has become - a deceit, a confidence-trick and a fraud.