Why Britain Hates Men - Exposing Feminism

‘An original and important new book... an intriguing exposé of feminism’

(Emeritus Professor Norman Dennis)

‘A reality check for anyone who thinks that feminism is about gender equality’


‘Surely the most controversial book in Britain today?’

Who is Swayne O’Pie?

Swayne O’Pie is the only speaker in Britain on anti-feminism and men’s equality and has given lectures and talks in a wide range of venues, including civic lecture halls, public schools, colleges and universities.

He is available for:

  • Talks
  • Debates
  • Lecturers
  • Articles
  • Interviews

Please contact: info@exposingfeminism.com for details.

Available internationally in both ebook and paperback under the title of 'Exposing Feminism: The Thirty Years' War Against Men'.


Reviews of his talks have included:

‘You spoke so effectively and provided such a thought-provoking occasion’

‘Astonishing. I was struck by the passion and power of the case you made’

‘You got people thinking and talking, even amongst those who did not attend!’

‘The rapt attention you got created plenty of waves afterwards’